This blog is dedicated to my immediate family, one woman and one dog

Dedications to Satoko & Seraph

Hey guys, whoever you are, wherever you are and even whatever you are.  This is my first ever post on my first ever blog.  My wife made this for me as a very real and concrete way of trying to help me become a published writer.  So that’s pretty cool.  We’ve been married for just over 6 years now, and life, I guess, is as sweet as I want it to be.  Sometimes I describe myself as coffee, with milk but no sugar.  Some people don’t like coffee because of it’s bitter taste.  But I love it.  Do you know why?  Because it helps me stay awake.  Anyway, Satoko wants me to keep this one a bit short because it’s quite late and she feels quite cold.  I will say one more thing though: a lot of those pearls of wisdom your mother taught you or your cultured bestowed on you are right, but only half right.  They are half truths, a lot of the time.  But here’s one they say:  Behind every great man there’s a great woman.  Well, in my case, I don’t even think I’m really all that good.  But I do have a great woman, and she’s not behind me….  She is beside me on my couch and she is talking to my dog.  Anyway, now we are going to post a photo… but first one more thing.  You know how I said I wanted to be a published writer.  Here’s a kicker, I can just go up to that little bar that says PUBLISH, and walah, I just became one.  That’s pretty cool don’t you think?  And I can do that anytime.  I can even do it now

CRAYONS  2013/ 03/ 11
(This was written as a kind of experiment in crazy logic.  I also wrote an apology to my brother’s Chinese father-in-law using cheap NON-TOXIC crayons MADE IN CHINA.)
This is a crayon.
He is 1001%
It’s brown.
reaching to the stars, beautiful,
This is a crayon.
free, patient, loving, kind.
It’s green.
He is love to both of us.
It’s non-toxic.
I say Seraph is non- toxic,
They’re our crayons.
So he can be pink.
This one is for Seraph.
A guess.  I don’t know.
We love our Seraph.
I think his temperament
We are the largest part
might be yellow.
of that little dog’s world
The trainer was green.
He is so beautiful to us.
I’ll tell you what I think tomorrow.
Green or yellow?
That trainer’s dog was green.
Sera, yellow as the sun

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