Recent Reading

Tomorrow, I am going to my DBT therapy group. I am looking forward to it. One of the people I want to make friends with has dropped out of the program because they are moving city. I am looking forward to seeing everyone else. It will be great to reflet back on the week that was. Over the last few weeks I have been reading the Mindful Way through Compassion by Jon Kabat Zinn, Zindel Siegal, Mark Williams and John Teasdale. It’s a pretty dry book I many ways but I think its a worthy addition to the self help literature on depression. I think when people a re doing mindfulness they don’t always know what the point of it is. This can be especially true of people who have been exposed to Cognitive Behavior Therapy through such seminal books as Feeling Good by David Burns. I want to address that right now. In case anyone, stumbles upon my blog and is curious to know. The main reason for CBT in the first place is that it gives greater empowerment to the suffering individual and gives that person skills work that they can accomplish on their own. This has led to marked effectiveness in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. However, CBT requires a lot of work, and for many people it feels like work. I think (and I don’t know this) that mindfulness seems less like work to people and helps them enjoy life more immediately. Both are good books. I think CBT is an incredibly useful practice because it helps the depressed person to reframe their thinking patterns. Through it, people can quickly become less prone to some of the heavy thought patterns that feed depression.

I have also been reading a few novels bu tnothing spectacular. The last book I completed was by a woman called Catherine O’Flynn. It was her second novel and, while enjoyable, it was by no means as wonderful as Jonathan Coe says on the cover. If you wo want to read a wonderful novel please read the House of Sleep by Jonathan Coe. I was also reading Domestic Violets by Matthew Norman. I read two thirds and decided that it wasn’t for me.


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