Excerpt from “Inviting Silence” for writers

On of the things I did on Wednesday was to buy a little book on meditation called Inviting Silence.  It’s by a woman named Gunilla Norris and it’s very difficult to work out what tradition she might be a part of.  It’s non-sectarian tone is one reason why I am reading it and why I so highly recommend it to others.  She tends to focus upon the everydayness of meditation, the ordinariness of it, and she is great at showing how becoming more mindful is a life long practice.  Mindfulness and meditation is something I have picked up at different times in my life and put down again.  It’ a good book on the Sacrament of the Present Moment, which is one reason why I think it’s equally useful for Christians and Buddhists alike.  Quite frankly, I think it’s just good for people.  It’s written in a poetic form, which is something I sometimes like and sometimes don’t.  Here is the excerpt.


Strengthening the Will, p 35


How to develop the ability to be constant?

Many people begin with a high resolve only to find

they cannot sustain their intention.

Their   (…)  practice is soon abandoned.

They are discouraged and may not try again

for months, even years.


If we can accept that wallowing in regret

or self-judgement slows the process more,

we have a chance.

We can learn to be silent with ourselves

about our failures

and simply pick up where we left off,

thus saving ourselves countless hours.


We must just begin again.

That is the key.




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