Last night, I was watching Sixty Minutes, which was a bit unusual for me.  They actually had a really positive story about a group of people in Indonesia who take in orphaned orang-utans.  The baby orang-utans are then “fostered” by one human surrogate mother.  At the age of five, they take the young orang-utans out to a forest area so they can learn to survive in the wild.  I watched with amazement as these beautiful creatures learnt to climb and to play.  Made me feel more alive than anything else I did yesterday, apart from playing with my own little tribe of monkeys- my two sisters’ babies, toddlers and kindergarteners.  That was fun!  To go back, at some point the orang-utans are released back into the wild.  But not before they are ready.  I want to link to the latest Greater Good projects, which popped up on my Facebook today.  Its geared towards helping out our primate cousins through clear and concrete measures.  I love the Greater Good.  Interesting books on animals are by My Life as a Primate and Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers by Robert Sapolsky, Reflections of Eden by Brute M F Galdikas, In the Shadow of Man by Jane Goodall, On the Other End of the Leash by Patricia McConnell and The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee by Jared Diamond, which is about us, really.  I would like to blog on those topics, too and will maybe do a small series IF I have time.  But for now, think about what you can do for the Greater Good.  Perhaps you can like their page, click away and share a little more.  Maybe you can give a little money.  While I am on the topic of ecological conversation (is that what I’m banging on about? sometimes I’m not quite sure, my Korean friends used to call me chicken head because I would forget things like that) please check out my own page because I made it, and I want some help with it.  And also think a little more about other species who are struggling a little bit- like the cassowaries of North Queensland.

BTW: If you are new to the blog, I guess you’ve realised that my thoughts are very tangential, and I don’t stay on topic for very long.  It’s not that I forget what I have written about, it’s just that well, I want to write something new today.  If there is a theme I would say that this blog is about books, literacy, your ability to read, my ability to write (… questionable, doubts have arisen, I can see… no I can, I really can), our both having access to a computer and something about the greater good, from a planetary perspective.  Somethin” like that


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