Knowing what to stop

Hi, this is my first post from Australia. Its weird sometimes trying to write. When you sit down at that desk and open up that computer, sometimes you have no idea what you are about to write. I want to do something creative and wonderful here, which is to show people how one might write through writer’s block. The way I would like to do that is to paste this on Facebook, let people know that that’s what I will be doing… and then sit down and then just write through it. But I won’t go that route because I’ve tried it before. And you know what? Nothing really happened. But if you do have a blog of note and would like to do that, I think it would be great.

So WRITER’S BLOCK… what am I going to say about writer’s block… I don’t know what to say, sorry write, about writer’s block, about being a writer and being blocked. I’m actually kidding a little bit. But I think that is the way that Peter Elbow would recommend writers to approach the topic. Just keep writing and don’t let your pen stop. That is the kind of advice he gives would be writers in his esteemed book, Writing with Power.

But I do know a thing or too about writer’s block incidentally. Recently, I have been creating a writing blog called My Life. It’s hosted at That’s an unusual name for a web page, I can hear the reader saying to themselves. Well, there is a reason for that. My wife created it in haste when I lost my job in Japan. Hence, the misspelling. (mispelling?) So she has the password, now, and I can’t access it. So, for a short time only, my literacy/ advocacy blog will also serve as my writing blog. Such are the curveballs life throws at us. (I don’t even play baseball and I know that).

Can I let you guys in on a little secret? Don’t share this with anyone. It’s one of those forbidden thoughts. There are too many words in this world anyway and there really isn’t enough silence. Not in me, not out there, not most places. So, here’s a litle trick you can play on yourself when you don’t know what else to do. Think that the fourteen or so words you are capable of at any one time are a haiku. And it doesn’t even have to be a good one. It just has to be your own. What’s that you say? It doesn’t fit the format. Why is that? Oh, you don”t know the format. Well, guess what. You just invented new poetry, freestyle. Its a form of self empowerment just to allow yourself to write, even if you are unsure whether you have the eloquence to do so or not.

Maybe you are worried that you don’t have a message. Well, you’re not exactly writing hate speech are you? (At least I hope not). You’re not trying to convince anyone to do anything as stupid as picking up little stick like carcinogenic objects, setting them on fire and trying to get all of the smoke and chemicals deep inside- as a form of relaxation! Are you? (At least I hope not). Here’s something you really have to look out for. The fewer words are used and the more color and images are leant upon in the message, generally speaking the more the rational mind is being bypassed. Oh, if I put this thing in my mouth and suck on it it will open up to me a completely other HORIZON … it will just be like packing my bags so I can go on a HOLIDAY … to a very LONGBEACH … called eternity or the other world after a brief STOPOVER in the HOSPITAL. For non- Australian readers, Longbeach, Horizon and Holiday were all popular cigarette brands when I was growing up. So, if you are interested in writing, don’t worry about wether you can find the right words, or whether or not your message is going to make a lot of sense- because plenty of other people don’t.

Just keep on tapping.

This writers advice on writer’s block was proudly brought to you by, well, little old me, I guess, to you, whoever and wherever you are. With much love from G

WARNING: reading books on smoking cessation can make you seriously consider your behavior and the health risks to yourself and to others. Your writer strongly recommends reading the following: Allen Carr, Thomas Horvath and Martine Batchelor


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  2. I had a friend send me an experimental writing technique that he discovered and your articles reminded me of it. basically type what you think (I originally typed “say” in place of “think,” some sort of Freudian slip?). I’ve never felt more relieved after doing this. if people were to say that the way you were taught to write an essay is the normal way to write, they fail to acknowledge that it’s not how your mind thinks. I don’t think it would be painful any more to write a diary… and on top of that I could use it as a drafting technique.

    • Hi mate, thanks for showing an interest in my blog. I have a very experimental writing blog at BlogSpot. That one is pretty much just about my feelings, and my life. Sort of just blurt it all out there. Trying not to be so faceless in this Facebook world, just a bit less anonymous. I hope you are well.

      On Fri, May 3, 2013 at 12:05 AM, grantseraph11

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