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Universal Man presents “Good Catholicism is for Everyone”

Dedication:  I’m writing this book on behalf of all the good Catholics I have met, and in the spirit of the wonderful James Martin, S.J.  But here’s the thing, people sometimes think I’m postal, but no-one’s ever called me Pat.



1)   CREED

Here’s a creed I hope we can all agree with…

I believe in good Catholicism

And Catholicism at its best is very good indeed.


If you said to me some religious people can be nuts, I’d have to say you’re right.  I know.  But there’s always another thing.  So here’s my stand.  Some of those guys say some pretty cool stuff.  Some of them do some pretty good stuff.  And there’s a lot of them.  A lot of people in some way, shape or form believe in it.  So let’s work out the good stuff first.  Is that okay with everyone?  Anyone?


So here’s the thing.  I know a couple of Catholics.  The guy who married me was an Australian Catholic priest in Nagoya.  Our wedding cost all of 500 bucks.  After the wedding, he was the only person who called us that day, just to wish us well again.  And we weren’t even Catholic.  My wife is kind of New Agey.  She tells me stuff like I have 7 Spiritual Gardeners standing all around.  That’s a true story.  I think she meant Guardians, but Gardeners sounds just about as good.  My wife is also eminently practical.  When she cleans the house, she thinks she is cleaning her soul.  Actually, that’s not even weird- Zen, Benedectines and Sufis all use this same practice.  So, I think Catholicism, at it’s best can be pretty cool.

Not to like someone just because they are religious is actually pretty stupid.  But it’s more common than you think.  But what about Matthew Hayden or Bill O’Reilly?  They’re alright, aren’t they?  Yeah, but that’s different.  They play cricket.  So?

It’s like hating Tamils just because you’re not one.  But, you know what?  I don’t care about a spinner’s action, just their actions.  Two guys spin prodigiously, but one of them has prodigious spin.  Or so it’s always seemed to me.  That’s why I HEART Murali.

Sorry, Warnie.  I know I don’t really know you either.  I’ve just always liked Murali because of what he represents- A good Tamil that all Sri Lankan’s love.  But back in the day, early 90s vs South Africa and everybody else, Shane Warne was absolutely unplayable.  And we may never see the likes of that again.  Still, I like Murali.

Why?  Sorry, everyone.  Life is more than a game.  At its best, life is more like love.

Best wishes, Grant.


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