Words of Wisdom Page 1

I told my friend recently, I was thinking about becoming a Tibetan Catholic.  He looked at me quite strangely.  What do you mean, he asked.  I said, Well, I want to put the best parts of everything into my life.  For example, I have read and benefitted from reading science, psychology, philosophy, Tibetan Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Therevadan Buddhism, Sufism, Orthodox Christianity, Catholicism, Existentialism, and all kinds of different literature.  I want to put out some book reviews of spiritual literature and write some of the stories out that I have found most useful.

In the service of this, may I publish an excerpt from a book proposal I have for a book I have started called Universal Man’s Guide to Good Catholicism.  It seems like Catholicism doesn’t exactly enjoy the most stellar reputation right now.  This isn’t really great as in many ways Catholicism is the church of the developing world.  Recently I attended some Easter masses at the Mikokoro centre in Nagoya.  Its the church I was married in, even though neither my wife or myself are strictly speaking Catholics.  That’s okay, our priest married us anyway,  So as a service to that kindly church leader, and member of the Sacred Heart of Jesus society, I will write a little bit about the good stuff I see in Catholicism.


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