See, here’s the thing. I’m completely unemployed right now, but I try not to let that bother me. Lot’s of people have been unemployed before… Well, that’s not strictly true. To be unemployed means to be inactive. A light bulb can be unemployed, if it’s off. Some things are better off turned off, and other things are better off, turned on. I think awareness is one of the ones which is better off turned on. It’s easy for me to be awake because I don’t know how to sleep. Let me take you through one of my atypical days (I don’t have too many typical ones right now). Here’s what I do, or rather what I did. I woke up at about 5:15, checked my Facebook and thought about how I can try to make a difference. One of the first things I do is to check my posts. See how many people have liked my stuff even my stuff on Facebook. Oh, well, not so many. But I’ll never know where all of those posts went. Maybe 1 person shared it and it sat on someone else’s wall for a while, before someone happened upon ait and thought, that’s really neat. That’s a fairly interesting post. It speaks to me, in language I can understand. Or even, this post is really crap, but the cause seems to be a good one. Alright, let’s share the photo of this little tiny child with autism. Let’s see if it makes a difference, or more likely I will probably never know, but could it… Could my sharing this post, and writing a little tiny comment make a difference. Someone seems to think so or they wouldn’t have posted at all. They wouldn’t have taken a photo. (For those of you who don’t know, its autism awareness month and single mothers who have children with autism- find them on Facebook- have been trying to light up their young one’s life by posing the children with little messages. cf Higham Grant on Facebook for a fresh face every day). So that’s what I do. With a coffee, of course. Next I might check my email and see if there is anything new. No, not so much. A friend is doing a 30 day challenge? Maybe I’ll write a ganbatte- do your best, in Japanese- message. My sister wrote something? Oh, I should send her a bit of info on what her carazy older brother garant (garantseraph.blogspot.jp is mine too) has been up to. I typically flick back and forth between gmail and Facebook to see what else is new. I wonder if Bill Gates has a homepage. Oh, he does. I might Like that one, too. Next, I see what I can stumble upon. Here’s what I found today. Wow, what’s this? The greater good. Oh my goodness, these guys are acting in everyone’s interest and monetizing charity. My share and likes make a difference. Cool, I just started a thing called a meaningfulness project. Not matter how difficult or depressing my life gets I can find its value by giving a little bit to others. Just by clicking. These guys have monetized charity! Amazing! Wow! Click, like and share for other people’s dreams. That is helping me, and they deserve to know, so I’ll write them a small note. Sometimes I will tell people about the things I am doing on my own site(s)… this one and one called uniq reef relief one word no space (its at wordpress, too. http://www.uniqreefrelief.wordpress.com There, thought I’d make it easy. Geez, Louise, like how well autism awareness is going. You know who could catch the tailend of this movement? I think to myself. These guys over here in India, who are trying to help special needs children. The web site is here. After that, I saw this thing about the Masai, thought I’d see if there was something I could do, so I went to a really famous and influential person’s Facebook page and sent a brief note about the need to give Tanzania a bit of help. (BTW: That man was in Ghana recently, sharing a bit of hope and love. A lot of people don’t know where those famous people are so they automatically think they must be in some kind of virtual heaven or hell as part of the New World Order or something. Read this book called Them as one man tries to track Them down. OMG, my mouse doesn’t work. That’s a bit of a pain in the neck, isn’t it. Let’s see what else can I do. I know. I’ll check back into the greater good and see if I can get them to give me a bit of funding for the Great Barrier Reef project. Maybe… maybe… maybe… If I try “maybeing” long enough, something must surely happen, mustn’t it? Oh, that’s right, I have to get a letter of recommendation from my old boss. I have to write it, actually because that’s probably better. Time to toot the old horn for a page and a half or so. Wow, I was an amazing teacher, wasn’t I? I think I was, actually. I was pretty good. So do that one and… what else can I do to stay busy, be usefully employed. I read my friend’s article, and thought that’s interesting, but could you please send me a link. I got a link shortly after (I guess everyone did on his Facebook friend list). So I wrote to the PM to ask for a bit of funding, but first you’ve got to Like her. Well, you don’t have to. I choose to. She is Australia’s first ever female Prime Minister. My dad doesn’t like her. My best friend does. She’s all right. Go Julia. Much love from Grant. (I also asked her to blue light my project… but if she loses, my friend will be disappointed, and I’ll have to ask the next guy. Oh, yeah, the Internet should be free).


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