TOURISM INITIATIVE: New Horizon for real

I had an excellent hanami yesterday.  I met people from Japan and lots of other countries, including, Japan, Taiwan, China, maybe Korea, I think Nepal and possibly Vietnam.  I can’t remember who else I met yesterday. I did meet some pretty cool guys from Italy, Brazil and America later at a club. I had a few glasses of champagne as part of my new campaign to be a part of building a brighter, better Nagoya.  That got me thinking.  You know what I’d like to do?  I’d like to see some parts of Asia where the Buddha used to be.  I’ve read a lot of Buddhism and it sounds interesting.. .  What I’d also like to do is bring a little colour into the lives of a couple of friends.  One guy used to go to my old school in Midoriku and ha’s just graduated.  I was thinking about him on, I think, it was March 7.  I was thinking about a lof those kids.  He was my communication king, and he’s a big fan of Max Deluxe.  He wants to be a talent.  I only saw him once this year when I was out walking the dog.  I also saw other guys.  Like one kid who had grown so much in one year.  Not only was he taller, he also seemed to have matured a lot from the cool, baseball loving freak in 2-1 who kept tellling me bad words.  I saw lots of other kids too.  That was a great school.  I was also thinking about a tall kid I know who loves basketball who will be starting second year at Tempaku this year.  I’m not going to tell you his name- just he was a kind of prince for me.  He was a cool kid. but he was often in trouble. I believe in him, though. I think he’s gloing to be a superstar if people tell his story, or just show him to the world.

 I was thinking about how cool it would be if my friends could see a bit of places like Nepal from New Horizon with their families  So I wrote a proposal for ethical tourism and to increase the Gross National Happiness in two countries.  But I don’t know who to send it to. There is a famous hotel called Hotel Kathmandu.  I tried to write them an email but it was difficult to get through. Maybe someone else can help me, too.

Dear sir or madam,
As someone interested in ethical tourism, lets send a media crew over to Nepal with some families from Tohoku and some celebrities they like.  Also let’s send over our new talent, A couple of kids who like some sports.  Just good kids, and let’s do this as part of work experience.  I’d like to give some birthday presents away near my birthday in early September… I’d like to involve families with two parents, and one child whose lives were affected by March 11, 2011 in Japan.  They might still be in temporary shelters.  It would be a competition run by mass media in Japan, interview all families first, don’t tell the families about the competition. They would see the best of Nepal.  With media taking film and a celebrity walking around with them.  On each of three days, they would see some amazing things, have so much fun with a comedian, but they would meet something which is symbolic of Buddhism. On day 1 they would meet  sickness, day 2 old age, day 3 death.  The sickness would be some sick children who have an excellent chance of recovery. Day 2 would be a cheerful old man in a rickshaw who is a beggar but does not bemoan his fate in life, day 3 would be the death of a Buddhist saint, or saintly person.  Someone whose reincarnation is being prayed for. I suggest the trips take 7 days. Sunday, whatever, MONDAY, MEET SICKNESS, Tuesday, Whatever, WEDNESDAY, MEET OLD AGE, Thursday, whatever, FRIDAY, MEET DEPARTURE, Saturday, wahatever + talking though experiences, make sure the kids are happy, get some pen pals, see them off at the airport with clean hearts and fresh eyes.

PS* YOU CAN PRAY FOR ME TOO, IN WHATEVER FASHION YOU PLEASE Please pray for me Also pray fror families here in Japan, and also places like New York who have experienced severe troubles in recent times. Japan because I live here and New York becauase, I think its one of the cololest cities on the planet.. Heck they got Seinfeld and Louis CK. What more do you want. Go the Yankees this year, because they are supporting autistic children. Good job, you guys. Lets hit as many as possible out of the park.


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  1. That sounds like an amazing concept Grant. Have you considered approaching television producers directly (or similar). I am not familiar with what is culturally popular in Japanese viewing currently however I know a good idea when I hear one. Nat B

    • I hope we can do this, too. you should read my original document, I might show it to you one day. I was thinking about removing the post after about a week. I think I might keep it up for a month, see what happens. PS. If anyone wants my say in this, I have two very special kids in mind to participate, one wona competition a long time ago, and a good one, that I ran, the other kid is just this amazingly cool kid who is half Japanese and half from somewhere else I think. I hope he gets to play b ball this year

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