Cat in the Hat continued.

To celebrate Blue Day, or Autism Awareness Day, I decided to demonstrate some innovative ways of looking at the pictures through the lens of the autistic child. I woould like to continue from my earliest post.

I was going to do phonics/ through a cat and a hat/
but today is Blue Day/ so in the spirit of that/
we remember some families/ through the Cat in the Hat/
The cat in the hat/ walks in, opens the door/
This book is so fun/ I can’t wait to hear more/
He holds a blue umbrella/ in his outstretched right hand/
On this wet, rainy day/ the kids can’t understand/
The kids are quite anxious,/ they really can’t wait/
to see what the cat’s up to/ on page number eight./
The fish tells the children/ make that cat go away/
He knows the cat’s trouble/ and the cat wants to play/
The cat knows some good games/ Here’s one to play in the rain/
Let’s balance an umbrella/ and juggle a fish in a dish/
He holds a blue book/ and stands on a ball/
There’s a cup on a blue plate/ Does he know how to fall?/
Here’s what will happen/ on the very next page
A fish in a dish/ some milk on a plate/
But that’s not all at this stage/
a toy boat, two books/ with a cup and a cake/
He hops up and down/ on a big beach ball/
But that isn’t all/ Do you think he will fall?/
How many blue things/ are in this blue book/
Hang on a second/ lets take a good look./
I can count seven/ That’s more than 11/
No, it’s not, No, it’s not/ Say the kids in a class/
Well, well, it depends/ It depends on the task/
The kids never mind/ when I make some mistakes/
They really do love it/ If I count the cakes and the rakes.


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