DAY10 New to the library?

As a reader one of my favorite destinations is the Nagoya International Center. Recently, I met a young guy who was new to the library, and was looking for some recommendations.  He is quite the reader, so I thought I’d make a list of some good books.

Unfortunately, my house is quite messy right now, so I will have to use the catalogue.  From memory, Here is some of the fiction I have enjoyed over the years.

Abercrombie, J- the Blade Itself

Albom, M- Tuesdays with Morrie

Alexie S, Indian Killer

B… Windupp Girl (just started)

Banks, I- complicity

Barnes, J- Arthur and George

Bukowski, C- Women

Burroughs, W- Naked Lunch

Calvino, I-If

Connelly, M- Bosch series

Connolly, J- everything

Chabon, M- Amazing Adventures of Cavalier and Clay Summerland

Clarke, S- Dr Strange and Mr Norrill

Coe, J- What a Carve Up, Rotter’s Club

Collins, S- the Hunger Games trilogy

Dahl, R- the Umbrealla Man

Eugenides, J- Middlesex,

Eugenides, J- Virgin Suicides

Fraser, G- Flashman series

Fry, S- Making History, the Stars Tennis Balls

Golden, A- Memoirs of a Geisha

Gould, G- Carter Beats the Devil

Hornby, N- All, also Polysyllabic Spree (NF)

Hosseini, K- the Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns

Ishigura, K- the science fiction one

Johnson, G- My Briother Jack

King, S- Carrie, Dead Zone, Bachman Books

Kundera, M- Immortality, Book of Laughter and Forgetting

Larsen, E- The Devil in the White City

Larsen, S- Girl with the Dragon tattoo trilogy

Krakour, J- Under the Banner of Heaven, Into the Wild

Lhapiri, J- the Namesake

Lott, T- Love Secrets of Don Juan, White City Blue, anything

McCarthy, C- No Country for Old Men, the Road

Mistry,R- Family Affair, Such a Long Jouney

Pelecanos, G- Night Gardner, anything

Rankin, I- the Hanging Garden

Rothfuss, P- The Name of the Wind

Russo, R- Straight Man

Robinson, P-  Innocent Graves, all

Russell, C- Brother Grimm, Eternal

Sansom, CJ- Shardlake seies

Saramago, J- Blindness

Sutcliffe, W- Love Hexagon

Thompson, H- This Thing of DarknessVonnegut, K- Slaughterhouse Five, anything

Wallace, D-Yes Man

Welsh, I- Trainspotting, Filth

Wnslow, D The Winter of Frankie Machine

Zuzak, M- Book Thief



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