Voluntary Exile: A story (LIVE REVISION)

A literacy group in Australia is holding a short story competiition.  I will be writing this story for displaced people from the 2011 disaster.  I will revise my story live.  I am going to construct this story, bit by bit, day by day, remaking it, rebuilding it until I have finally written this story.  I write on behalf of and in solidarity with those poor people left homeless, houseless, in shock and exile, as a result of the 2011 disaster.  My goal is to win funding and attention for the poor of this area.  They know a level of pain that is a magnification of the pain inside all of us.  The first place prize is $1599.  I say lets use this competition to raise the tide of awareness and unlimited funding for the victims of this terrible tragedy.  Let’s plant mustard seeds of faith, hope, charity, love and solidarity in this area.  I would like someone to start a website called mustard seeds, which only contains stories about people from this area of Japan.  Its like the rays of the sun.  To use the power of the suns rays we need a magnifying glasses.  And we hold that magnifying glass still over a tiny spot of the driest grass possible, untilspread, the tiniest bit of smoke arises and then the the tiniest little spark begins to cemerge, and then it spreads like wildfire.  In this case, we are a vessel for love, and we will hold our vision, our focus, and our hearts still enough to provide the very opposite of fire: water.  We will put the fire out, and water this tiny area of this tiny country with our tears.  Or we could, if only we allowed ourselves a few less distractions in our lives.


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