DAY 2: My reading diary.

I know I pronised I would be writing about Rafe Esquith today, but that will have to come after.  I haven’t quite finished reading it.

What I did do, however, was reach page 144 of Roald Dahl’s the Witches.  At page 100 I had some serious questions about the book.  I will be blogging about it in full later, but the book does pose some troubling questions.  The most important of which are these:

1) How does our primary children’s author see children?  Does he even like them?

2) What was Roald Dahl’s childhood like and how has that influenced his fiction?

3) Why do children love his books as much as they do?

4) What would the Germans think?

5) How would you teach from his books?

The book itself poses such troubling questions.  A close reading of the text would lead one to think that the answers are not so simple.  But I find myself firmly in the author’s corner, although at one point in my reading, I began to question the degree of misanthropy and despair within the book.  It’s late so maybe I will edit this later : )

I did read “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr Seuss in which Sam learns to like stuff, even stuff like himself, and I do like it.  At some other time, I will be explining why  Green Eggs and Ham is a self-referential text. 

I also started Creatures of the Reef by Angela Belcher, and learnt all about the food chain.  So, 363 days to go.  Thank god it’s not a leap year.

I may take a cople of days off, in order to remember the more important things i life,  Cheers.  Two days, one kids book and one music sleeve.  That’s pretty good for someone who questioned their ability to read. 


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