Rule #1 I t doesn’t have to be a book!


Yesterday, I wrote abpout my plan to promote literacy through this blog.  I also said there would be a couple of catches.  Here’s one of them: sometimes I will promote materials which are not considered “real books”.  To justify this I will quote myself on what literacy is

“My immediate goal, or one of
them, is to write a book called Linked In. 
In my book I want to share some of my experiences and opinions with the
reader who is still out there.  I hope we
will always have readers, even if Google doesn’t.  Because a reader is simply a person with a
good book in their hands and a thirst and hunger to turn one page more.  That’s not even right.   It doesn’t have to be a good book, just any
book.  It doesn’t even have to be a
book.  It could be a comic, or a
newspaper, or a magazine.  Heck, it could
be your grandmother’s recipe.  Anyway,
that’s the goal.  But if I’m going to do
all of this writing, I’d just like someone out there to participate in the
shared bond, that strange symbiosis between writers and readers everywhere.  Can someone, please, pretty please, down on
my knees, please, just read my bloody book?”

So that’s pretty simple isn’t it.  Literacy is reading, and some of the things we need to be able to, or actually want to read are not books.


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