More about plans for the site: 365 books in a year, Crazy, no?

Well, I’m sort of taking it bit by bit.  I want to dedicate a lot of this site to literacy.  I have so many books, it’s kind of crazy.  If and when I leave Japan I will have to do something with my old books.  The first thing I should do is read them.  When you are an inveterate book collector like me, you end up with so many books, many of which remain unread or unfinished.  I have a plan to document my efforts to read, and finish 1 book a day.  That doesn’t mean a book everyday.  So I’ll be doing a little cheating.  I might read 10 Dr Seuss books, and say, that’s almost enough for a fortnight.  I might also go and get some old manga I’ve already read, flick through it and say, I’ve read that one twice now.  Expect lots of children’s literature on the list.  I will also consider stuff like the Book of Luke as a gospel to be one book.  If that’s okay with everyone.  Well, no-one probably cares anyway, right?  Then I might be able to write about that endeavour as well in my main book… or something like that.  Where to start, elementary dear Watson.  I’m going to start with Sherlock Holmes.  And I know just the place, Book Off… I’ll be right back….. (for the Redbacks if they’ll let me play.)


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