Anyone can write a poem, and anyone can watch TV

This is a poem I wrote while watching TV.  After that there are some other reflections I had while watching the same show.   Pandas are very important to Chinese people.  My family has lots of different cultures.  My family is Australian, but my wife is Japanese and my brother’s wife is Chinese.  Let’s just all try and get along, hey?

HAIKU by Grant H.

Panda eating bamboo

Looks like he’s playing

A  flute.  It’s beautiful.


He’s a bit brown, black and white

He doesn’t need to be perfect either.



Beautiful pandas.  Cross cultural promotion.  Don’t have to have a perfect zoo.  Don’t just complain about imperfection.  Help us get better.


Personally, I would involve Chinese community restaurants in the process. What does the panda embody for them. 


Magic in the kitchen, it was wonderful.  One thing, I thought was knives should not be displayed in the kitchen. The cutting was too fast.  You can use them, of course, just very carefully.  This shows respect for life.  You should have seen my friend, Nobu, doing this.  He was the very embodiment of precision, care and focus.


Use media to show care and linkage with other cities.  What’s cooking down in Osaka?  What manga is happening in Tokyo these days- the good stuff?


Where’s our manga here in Nagoya?  Who are our artists?  Can make more money with manga.  Instead of novelizing Western films, they could be internationalized using the medium of manga.



I am watching ZIP in the morning to help me.  I have been a little ill lately. So I can’t do all of the things I want to do yet.

Harry Potter world looks wonderful.  I’d like to go to a place like that.  I’m also happy to see Little World and Monkey Palace and the Higashiyama Zoo get some promotion.


POLITICALLY.  I don’t think I’m affiliated with any party.  Never have been.  BUT what I think is best both for Australia and Japan is political stability.  I would hope that the political landscape would improve.  I don’t believe in revolutions, personally-

I believe more in reform.

I am for ZIP and small business.

Let’s make Nagoya a colorful town.  Let’s put it on the map, the world map.


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