A poem I wrote for my wife.


For my wife, Satoko N.


These writings are for my wife, Satoko.


S is a person the world needs to know,

And hers is a voice I have to learn to hear

Underneath all of the din and confusion

Inside and outside of Me.


Let’s all dream for the best things

I have a promise, I have a secret.

My family loves me, helps me

Takes care of me.


Many people in lots of places

Care about people.

I love, They love, We love


We all believe in love.


You love something,

You really do

Even if your Love

Be turned out to

Sex, or drugs or money

Or turned inwards and

Directed purely at yourself


We all believe in love.


Really???  Where’s your proof?

I don’t really have any.

Nothing concrete,

Nothing completely logical

Just makes sense to me


Some things I do know are these:

My wife is pretty, that’s why

I married her


I am, I think I am,

Pretty blunt and sharp

I’m pretty straight and narrow

I’m pretty black and white.


My wife is the tiniest bit round,

But forever cuddly

And all of the colors

Of all of the flowers

Of all of the worlds.


My wife is Benetton for real.


March 14, 2013.

About this poem.  In Japan, only girls and ladies send presents on Valentine’s Day.  Guys are supposed to send something back on March 14, one month later.  That day is called White Day.  Because I don’t have a lot of money, I wrote my wife this poem.  PS: I’m the blackheart : )


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